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Where are your prices in relation to other businesses in your service area? It doesn’t matter if you set your prices based on cost, demand or competition… knowing what the cemetery down the street is charging for their burial sites is important.

Knowing your competitors...


What part of its life cycle is your cemetery in? We all know there’s a sales period and a dormant period…but what about that period of time between active sales and going fully dormant? I call this the semi-active sales period. This period begins around the time the ce...


I know what you’re thinking. Once our customers pass away and use our services, they’ll never become repeat customers…zombie apocalypse aside…but that’s not what I’m talking about.

The customers I’m talking about are the people who attend committal service at your cemet...


We all know Mercedes stands for elite quality. Aside from price, how would you know that and what message is your cemetery sending to your potential customers?

Mercedes conveys their message the same way most companies do, their ads tell you who they are, who their cust...

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