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How often do you get this question at your cemetery? We are asked multiple times a day for the location of a long lost relative. How do you monetize this service? Do you monetize this service?

With over 110,000 interments at our location we get this question all the tim...


The answer is yes, but you have to look a little deeper than just breastfeeding statistics to understand the correlation.

In a study done by the Centers for Disease Control, a connection is made between mothers who do not nurse their children and poverty. The reason the...


Companies have been designing marketing campaigns targeting baby boomers for years. Death care professionals were slower to act than some, but in my opinion, are now serving this generation better than ever. Poll results from Johnson Consulting Group reported in their...


Where are your prices in relation to other businesses in your service area? It doesn’t matter if you set your prices based on cost, demand or competition… knowing what the cemetery down the street is charging for their burial sites is important.

Knowing your competitors...

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