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What part of its life cycle is your cemetery in? We all know there’s a sales period and a dormant period…but what about that period of time between active sales and going fully dormant? I call this the semi-active sales period. This period begins around the time the ce...


More families are arriving the day of the committal service with an urn in the back seat of their car these days. With no funeral director and sometimes no pastor to direct the service…how can you provide them with the service they need in order to make things easier f...


How many of you have spoken on a panel about estate planning? Alongside a financial planner and funeral director, you stand and speak about cemetery expenses and the need to prepay your fees to lock in today’s prices to a medium sized crowd of donut and coffee filled a...


We all know Mercedes stands for elite quality. Aside from price, how would you know that and what message is your cemetery sending to your potential customers?

Mercedes conveys their message the same way most companies do, their ads tell you who they are, who their cust...

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