ICCFAU - Get Educated!

ICCFAU—Get Educated!

If you’re in this profession you’ve heard of the ICCFA (International Cemetery Crematory Funeral Association). They are the premier association for professionals working in the death care profession.

In the Mid-July heat of Memphis, TN you’ll find the cream of the crop in our profession attending the yearly educational seminar put on by the ICCFA call ICCFA(Univeristy). This year was no different. The largest group in the history of this event, over 200 attendees, descended on the University of Memphis. Students came from across the globe (Brazil, Guam…etc.) to broaden their knowledge in fields ranging from grounds maintenance to sales and marketing. Sessions spanning over 5 days were taught by longtime leaders in the profession. This year’s students reaped the benefit of hundreds of years of experience and countless contributions made by other students.

I personally attended ICCFAU this year as a third year student (Junior) and plan to attend next year as a senior, completing 4 tracts of learning. After graduating, you can attend as a graduate student and audit courses in educational tracts you haven’t attended. There are 8 educational tracts, some end with valuable certifications like: celebrant certification and crematory operator certification.

Regardless of the tract of learning, attending the ICCFAU is 10x valuable than the cost to attend. I operate cemeteries….and I can honestly say that because of the lessons I learned by attending the university, the cemeteries I have operated have become more successful than ever and I have enjoyed a more successful career and met amazing teachers and friends along the way.

Plan to attend next year...apply online at iccfa.com for a scholarship to attend and you could be granted free tuition! See you next year!