Traditional funerals are not green enough for Boomer-Consumers!

The traditional funeral doesn’t reflect the ideals of the boomer-consumer.

Baby boomers have lived during a time in which our understanding of the environment changed a lot in this nation. Earth Day and the passing of legislature that protected the Earth directly relates to how they see this planet. When it comes to environmentally protective policy and changing attitude towards the environment over the last decade or so, the boomers have been outspoken. They stand as role models to the millennials following closely in their footsteps.

Today’s families are choosing cremation for many reasons, but one of the most consistently given reason is their desire to be more green. Traditional funerals have a much higher carbon footprint, between the caskets, vaults, embalming chemicals and everything else associated with traditional funerals, the carbon offset would cost between $40 and $60 per funeral, while a cremation is only $4. This terminology may be new to you, but it’s part of the lexicon of the boomer-consumer.

Boomers are not the only ones choosing eco-friendly funeral services. It should be no surprise that residents of California, Oregon and Washington…all above average when it comes to cremation rates (65, 73, and 75 respectively) are also the top three states when it comes to buying eco-friendly cars. In fact, the state legislature of California, Oregon and Washington are well above average when it comes to enacting policies and actions focused on environmental friendliness. The boomer voting block has dominated voting in this country since their numbers grew to a majority of the population in 2004. They are starting to decrease now but policy in America has largely been influence by boomers.

When it comes to reasons for choosing cremation over traditional funerals, eco-friendliness may not be the first reason given by everyone making that decision, however it is certainly on the minds of boomer-consumers everywhere. By the way, Millennials poses many of these same ideals and are expected to outnumber boomers in demographic numbers by 2019 due to declining boomer numbers while immigration inflates millennial numbers.