Can't do it yourself...hire a freelancer!

Want to fix the SEO on your website or make your website responsive but don’t know what those things are and don’t have much money to hire someone who does….now there’s Fiverr and a long list of other freelance for hire websites that can help?

Consultants are expensive and hiring someone to re-brand your business seems daunting but Fiverr, and others like it, have organized all the help you’ll need to complete your project inexpensively and in record time. Here’s how it works. People with different in-demand talents sign up to sell their labor online as freelance contractors. From landscape designers to copy editors you’ll find just want your business needs online.

You can view a sample of their work and review their fees, many have starting prices of just $5.00 for something as small as creating a custom logo or letterhead. Prices can escalate to a few hundred dollars for designing your very own custom website. For some of these service providers this is their main employment, but for others this is a side-hustle “job you do to make some extra cash on the side”.

Different jobs require you to provide different information to complete them…want a new landscape design for a cremation garden your planning in the spring…they may need a topographical map of the area and some dimensions….want a new promotional video for your website…you may have to provide images of your property and video clips.

Start small and remember to research who you offer to hire, then give it a shot. I’ll list below the websites for a few of the better known websites….good luck!