Do you engage in competitive research?

Where are your prices in relation to other businesses in your service area? It doesn’t matter if you set your prices based on cost, demand or competition… knowing what the cemetery down the street is charging for their burial sites is important.

Knowing your competitors pricing could give you an insight to your own cemetery. Maybe you haven’t been charging enough, maybe you’re charging too much, maybe you can use the information to justify your current charges. There are many reasons to know this information.

Some businesses have it easy…they can pull up this information online or visit their competition and read their menu. Cemeteries are different. Prices are not typically published and vary a lot. However, there are a few ways to find out this information.

The first thing I would do is ask a funeral director. Funeral homes typically keep a list of cemetery contact information and their cost to open burial sites. You probably have become friendly with at least one funeral director whom you could ask for this information.

As for the cost of burial sites…act like a shopper. There are websites out there like ( that offer free classified ads for private individuals selling burial sites. Enter your zip code and check out the listings. Many people list the current price for the items they are selling in order to get the pest price. Review the info posted and pull out what’s important to you.

Cemetarians have a responsibility to their customers to maintain their cemeteries forever. Price your services and merchandise in a way that supports your business needs, your customers’ needs and your perpetual care funding needs and everyone will be well served.

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