What Is Your Brand?

We all know Mercedes stands for elite quality. Aside from price, how would you know that and what message is your cemetery sending to your potential customers?

Mercedes conveys their message the same way most companies do, their ads tell you who they are, who their customers are and why you want to be one.

They do this so well with their "The best or nothing" campaign that even if you never bought a Mercedes you can make some assumptions about their company: they invented the automobile and are innovators in their field, it must be well built...it's the best after all, and driving one of their cars is a desirable experience.

Does your cemetery have a brand and does that brand convey the right message? Here are some thoughts.

Your brand is not a logo. It's an all encompassing message delivered through many channels defining who you are, what you do different or better than anyone else to a specific customer. I would even go so far as to say that your true brand is being defined by your potential customer as their perception of your cemetery regardless of the branding you put out there.

I can't tell you what your brand should be or who your customers are, this varies from cemetery to cemetery. However, I do suggest you look at your cemetery like the public sees it. Ask local business leaders or funeral home employees to complete a questionnaire about your cemetery. Evaluate the feedback you get and if you don't like it, redefine your brand message, announce it to the world and from time to time evaluate your effectiveness in its efforts, because as time goes on a communities values and trends change (see the rise in popularity of cremation), which should lead you to update your brand again.

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